Dylon Renovator White

Renovator White - balinātājs audumiem (4 paciņas)

White fabrics can have a dazzling effect. Imagine a perfectly white table cloth on a summer’s day, delicate white curtains blowing in the breeze or a pristine white shirt on the first day of school. There is something quite special about keeping whites white. That’s why DYLON offers you a range of effective whiteners tailored to fit all your whitening needs. POWER WHITENERDYLON. Power Whitener puts the dazzle back into your whites - ideal when family life puts whites to the test with ingrained dirt and stubborn stains. With its oxy-based dual action stain removers and whiteners, it’s a powerful solution for brilliant whites. aizvērt
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2.77 EUR/gab.
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25 dienas
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Brends: Dylon
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