Capezio B158 Pleca/rokas soma

We were definitely in a tween state of mind when we did this one! We remember being young and wanting our bag to show the world everything about who we were. Every strap had buttons, and patches and key chains and charms. Well, we thought it would be fun if we helped you start your collection of dangles and bangles. This duffle style bag comes with several fun charms that will show the world that you take dancing seriously. The zipper pulls even have accent charms! Functional and fun, we know this will become one of your “OMG I need that!” dance items. Multiple fun dance charms included Large zipper compartment with soft mesh walls to create sections Side flat pockets Top fold over pocket Garums: 56 cm, Augstums: 32 cm, Platums: 32 cm aizvērt
lasīt vairāk
Poppin Grey
40.27 EUR/gab.
(ar PVN)
aptuvenais piegādes laiks
18 dienas
Jautā mums
Brends: Capezio
Deju žanrs: Balets un raksturdeja, Daiļslidošana, Latīņamerikas dejas, Salsa & Mambo, Standartdejas, Vingrošana
Pielietojums: Apaviem, Piederumiem
Jaunumi (Standartdejas)