Dylon 3D Pearl Paint

3D Pearl Paint krāsa (pērļveidīgā)

3D PAINTSIf you’d like to get a bit creative with your home and wardrobe the DYLON craft range is just what you need. Use Image Maker to create a canvas from your favourite photos. Add some sparkle to a pair of jeans with 3D Paints or make your very own T-shirt designs with Fabric Paints and Pens. It doesn’t matter how artistic you are, the products are so easy to use that you’ll have a unique and colourful creation in next to no time. PEARL PAINTUnleash your creative side with DYLON 3D Paints. They're great for adding some texture or a bit of sparkle to your clothes or soft furnishings. You don't have to limit yourself to fabric, why not add a personal touch by creating your own greetings cards or even some motifs for your windows. They're great fun for all ages. aizvērt
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